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The Teledyne Controls PMAT 2000 is a rugged flightline maintenance support equipment capable of the performing fully integrated maintenance functions: provides configuration control for all software parts in an airline's fleet, collects and returns data from the aircraft to the operator, loads software parts into avionics systems, EFBs, navigation databases, and safety systems and provides access to onboard maintenance systems.



  • Easier Data Loading and Distribution - The PMAT 2000 solution accepts software parts straight from USB memory sticks, floppy disks and CD/DVD ROMs, or electronically from Teledyne's LoadStar Server Enterprise (LSE) network distribution program. The PMAT 2000 system supports a variety of data loading protocols, including ARINC 615A and ARINC 615. The system also maintains a report of all data loading activities, which are identified by aircraft tail and user.

  • Software Configuration Control with LoadStar - The PMAT 2000 solution is delivered with the LoadStar application, which provides configuration control of software parts by aircraft types and tail numbers. The LoadStar program guides the operator to the proper software parts, only showing those available for the particular aircraft being loaded.

  • A Complete and Scalable Solution - The PMAT 2000 system is a complete tool kit that includes all the software, hardware, cables and accessories essential to support hundreds of avionics systems. Based on the OEM or customer necessities, the PMAT kits can be customized and expanded as desired.

  • Maintenance Platform for Third Party Applications - The PMAT 2000 provides a common maintenance platform to support maintenance activities for a wide range of avionics systems. It supports all loadable GE engine FADEC across commercial and military aircraft, as well as a number of third party applications used for various maintenance activities, such as B767 bleed air valve calibration, Embraer Primus Epic data loading, B777 MTF, EFB loading and Honeywell EGPWS data loading.

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